Narva | Ultima 175 Pencil Beam Driving Lamp Kit
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Ultima 175 Pencil Beam Driving Lamp Kit

Ultima 175 Pencil Beam Driving Lamp Kit

Part No. 71650
12 Volt 100W 175mm diameter Originally designed in Sweden and now manufactured in France Ultima utilises a ‘Rotary Cup’ mounting system optimising versatility and durability. This unique design also includes features such as the glare shield to screen stray light and improve driver comfort. All kits are supplied with globes wiring hardware and see through lens protectors.
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Technical Information

ADR46/00 E5-8R-04821 (ADR approved only when fitted with 55W globe)


Beam Pattern

Product Comprises of

1.2 x driving lamps (P/No. 71647)
2.2 x see through lens protectors (P/No. 72209BL)
3.2 x 12V H3 100W globes (P/No. 48351)
4.1 x relay (P/No. 72386)
5.1 x toggle switch (P/No. 60044)
6.1 x pair of mounting spacers (P/No. 74148)
7.x terminal and wiring pack

Spare Parts