Our Origin

NARVA is a proud Australian brand name that was established by Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd, a private company formed in 1957. The company was taken over by the wholly Australian owned GUD Holdings Limited in July 2015.

NARVA’s slogan ‘The Vision to Go Further’ represents our passion to deliver the world’s highest quality vehicle lighting products that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Every aspect of our operation is committed to quality and even our name NARVA is an anagram of the various materials and processes which were originally required to develop a quality globe: N for Nitrogen, AR for Argon and VA for Vacuum.

Today, through innovation and market development we are the market leader in the field of Automotive Lighting and Electrical Equipment, servicing original equipment and aftermarket markets as diverse as Automotive, Light and Heavy Transport, 4WD, Recreational and Emergency Vehicles, Agriculture, Mining and Marine.

More than 5,000 individual part numbers make up the NARVA range in Australia’s most comprehensive market leading catalogue. 

Market leading merchandising systems and attractive point of sale material is developed to assist customer product choice along with our highly skilled and specialised team of field representatives operating from head office Melbourne and from state offices throughout Australia and New Zealand.


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Innovation & Development

We continually invest in our design, engineering and development capabilities which features an advanced environmental laboratory and a state-of-the-art optical lighting test facility.

Our skilled engineers and product development teams are dedicated to bringing products to market that incorporate world leading edge technology to meet market expectations in performance, longevity and durability.

The innovative NARVA program covers key areas such as:

  • Driving & Fog Lamps
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Incandescent, Halogen and LED Globes
  • Fuses and Fuse Assortments
  • Terminals, Connectors and Cable
  • Switches, Flasher Units, Relays and Horns
  • Trailer Connectors and Suzi Coils
  • Conventional, Sealed and the latest L.E.D Trailer Lighting
  • RV and Interior Lighting
  • Outstanding Merchandising Systems


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Quality Standard

Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd is fully accredited to ISO9001.

We have an in house Environmental Laboratory which we use to test our products for Ingress Protection (IP) from dust and water, vibration, humidity to help ensure they withstand our harsh Australia conditions and international standards. Some of the tests and equipment we use to check the quality of our products include:

Thermal Shock Chamber

We test the quality of our Printed Circuit Boards (PCB) and the integrity of our parts by performing an ‘accelerated aging test’. We expose our products to extreme temperatures with up to 80-120 degrees all the way down to -40 degrees. Products spend 30 minutes in each condition from 100 to 500 cycles.

Submersion Tank

To simulate river crossings, we submerge our products in water at a level of 1 metre. An IPx7 rating is achieved when a product withstands submersions for up to 1 hour and an IPx8 rating is achieved for submersions with a longer duration.

Rain Chamber

The rain chamber exposes our products to high water pressure from all directions to simulate heavy rain. This tests our products from JIS D 023 – a Japanese Standard for automotive applications.

Climate Chamber

The climate chamber allows us to control the temperature and humidity a product is exposed to. When testing for extreme heat and humidity, we check to see if parts will deform or soften.

As a result of the quality and testing procedures in place, our Narva products carry some of the industry’s longest warranties.




The Narva 17,000 square metre state-of-the-art warehouse is one of the most advanced in the automotive market, carrying more than 5,000 individual part numbers in Australia’s most comprehensive market leading catalogue. The warehouse is fully automated using the latest electronic software and paperless processes.

Our advanced wiring loom manufacturing operation produces custom looms for original equipment heavy transport truck and trailer and recreational vehicle manufacturers. Our packaging division provides a wide range of products in eye catching NARVA consumer and trade product packs.

The NARVA product range is distributed via leading automotive and transport wholesalers and retailers throughout Australia and Narva New Zealand.

You can view the Narva product range at all leading retailers, major automotive trade exhibitions plus truck and 4WD/RV shows throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Enjoy the Narva website as you search for more details on Narva products and the many and varied applications these cover.


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