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OBC 2018
Outback Challenge 2018 Result

Team Narva Takes Class Victory in Revamped 2018 Outback Challenge

Team Narva, spearheaded by driver Shayne Barkley and navigator Clinton Sharp, drove their GQ Patrol to ‘Pro Stock’ Class Honours in the recent 2018 Outback Challenge, along the way to an overall top four finish.

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Narva Enhanced Optic Technology with New Ultima 225 L.E.D Lamps

Following the huge success of its recently-launched Ultima 175 L.E.D driving lights, Narva has grown its enhanced optic technology range with the addition of the larger and more powerful Ultima 225 L.E.D lamp to the line-up.


Ultima 225 L.E.D
Ultima Enhanced LED Driving Lights
Narva VR Experience
Narva's VR Driving Light Experience


Put yourself in the front seat.

Now you can test the range in action for yourself! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Click the button below to visit the Narva VR Driving Light Experience page
  2. Select your favourite terrain
  3. Interchange Narva L.E.D lighting products

While not essential, a VR headset will make the experience even more realistic.


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