Lightbulb Moment.

Narva Optimax LED beacons provide superior LED performance at a halogen price. With no globes to blow or belt to service, Optimax LED beacons are more reliable than their halogen counterparts. They offer improved visibility, yet have a lower profile and current draw. The Optimax LED rotating beacon range includes a wide variety of mounting options, as well as Australia’s first dual colour LED rotating beacon.


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Narva Optimax LED Beacon Feature LED performance and durability

Longer lasting than halogen beacons.

  • LED Technology ensures no blown globes due to continued use. A standard H1 globe used in a halogen beacon lasts around 650 hours, whereas the LEDs in Optimax are rated at over 50,000 hours. Whilst both numbers are based on laboratory conditions, the difference in life is huge!

  • The Optimax LED beacon is also not susceptible to voltage spikes. This is a common occurrence and can blow a halogen globe very easily. The Optimax beacon is rated at 10-33V and has over voltage protection to ensure no failures due to high voltage.

Narva Optimax LED Beacon Feature Stepper Motor

More reliable than halogen beacons.

  • Optimax LED beacons are equipped with a stepper motor for ultimate reliability. Many halogen beacons use belts to create their rotating pattern. These belts often fail, resulting in vehicle downtime.

  • The stepper motor is also resistant to vibration. Optimax LED Beacons have been vibration (IEC 60068-2-64) and mechanical shock (ISO 16750-3) tested to ensure they can withstand the rigours of the commercial environment.

Narva Optimax LED Beacon Feature IP67 rated

More durable than halogen beacons.

  • The conditions and climate in Australia are some of the harshest in the world. Optimax LED beacons were built with these conditions in mind.

  • A diecast aluminium base and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens protects the Optimax LED beacon from vibration, mechanical shock UV and physical impact.

  • Tested and certified against water and dust to IP67, Optimax LED beacons can function in wet or dusty environments.

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Narva Optimax LED Beacon Feature Extreme Visibility


  1. Optimax LED beacons are engineered to produce a smooth, highly visible rotating pattern suitable for all civil applications. This has been achieved by a proprietary reflector optic to spread the light combined with 6 x 5 watt high power LEDs. This ensures Optimax LED Beacons meet Heavy Vehicle Regulation 2013 No.77.

  2. This extreme output also makes the Optimax beacon range as visible even as traditional halogen beacons with 55W (or 70W) globes with a fraction of the current draw to ensure no flat batteries.

Narva Optimax LED Beacon Feature Mounting Options

All bases covered

  1. The Opimax LED Beacon range has been engineered to include all industry mounting types and suit all municipal and agricultural applications.

  2. The range includes flange mount (3 bolt), single bolt, pole mount, flexible pole mount and DC vacuum magnetic mount options.

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Narva Optimax LED Beacons logo