High-powered transport lamps from Narva with PIR motion sensor option

Narva has launched an all-new range of tough transport lights, designed to be used on the inside of truck bodies in applications as diverse as refrigerated transport, through to emergency services work.

Comprising three models, the lamps feature fully-sealed construction with cast alloy housing that protect them from any direct impact and depending on the model, they can also withstand extreme operating temperatures ranging from -30°C to +70°C.

As an added bonus, the new lamps can be used in conjunction with Narva’s 9-33V Passive Infrared (PIR) Motion Sensor (Part No. 87574), providing added versatility and function.

The motion sensor features a 100° detection angle at a distance of up to three metres, and also benefits from an in-built four minute timer with 30 second warning pulse, alerting the user that the light will turn-off shortly. If movement is continuous, the light will remain on.

With a low profile of only 16mm, the PIR Motion Sensor is unobtrusive yet features the same tough die cast alloy housing as the lamps, while a low switching current of 3.0A and standby current draw of 12mA at 12V means minimal strain on batteries.

The lamp range begins with the high-powered 9-33V (Part No. 87578) model which is equipped with 2 x 5 watt L.E.Ds producing 800 Lumens of brilliant white light at 5700°K. This lamp is a great choice for transport or emergency service applications where space is limited but a high light output is still required.

The 87578 provides 110° of light output and is suitable for use in operating temperatures ranging from -20° to +70°. For added performance and durability, the lamp is sealed to IP67, is EMC-approved and comes with a 5 year L.E.D warranty. Current draw for this lamp is a low 0.53A at 12V or 0.31A at 24V.

For applications requiring additional light, the 9-36V high-powered (Part No. 87900) model is equipped with 6 x 5 watt L.E.Ds producing a substantial 3300 Lumen of bright, white light at 6000°K and 120° of illumination. Despite the high output, the new light boasts a low current draw of 2.6A at 12V or 1.3A at 24V.

Using a fully sealed and recessed design with flush-mounted aluminium housing, this light measures 175mm in diameter and has a low profile of only 15mm, making it ideal for areas where maximum headroom is a requirement and suitable for operating temperatures of between -30° to +50°.

 The new 87900 model features 6 x 5W L.E.Ds that produce a brilliant white light (6000°K) and 120° of illumination. Despite the high output the new light boasts a low current draw of 2.6A at 12V or 1.3A at 24V.

For maximum output in the high-powered L.E.D transport light range, the range-topping 87904 model is equipped with 8 x 5 watt L.E.D producing 4500 Lumen at 6000°K and 120° of illumination.

This lamp measures 218mm in diameter yet benefits from a 15mm low profile and recessed aluminium housing, the same as its 87900 counterpart, making it suitable for the same applications where headroom is at a premium.  Current draw for this model is 3.7A at 12V or 1.0A at 24V.

Narva’s High-Powered L.E.D Transport Lamp range is available from leading transport and automotive outlets throughout Australia.

Narva High Power Transport Lights with PIR Motion Sensor.jpg 


29 November 2019