Narva | H8/H9/H11 12/24V L.E.D CONVERSION BASE PGJ19-1/PGJ19-5/PGJ19-2
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H8/H9/H11 12/24V L.E.D CONVERSION BASE PGJ19-1/PGJ19-5/PGJ19-2

H8/H9/H11 12/24V L.E.D CONVERSION BASE PGJ19-1/PGJ19-5/PGJ19-2

Part No. 18411
The Narva range of L.E.D performance headlamp globes brings the performance globe to the modern world. With a wide range of globe types ensuring most vehicles are covered, Narva L.E.D performance globes provide the best of both worlds increasing light output and colour whilst also being ultra-long life. In fact with over 50,000 hours life they will often last for the life of the vehicle, a true fit and forget option. They also reduce the current draw by 70-80%.
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  • A stylish retail friendly box with hangsell
  • 20% more light output than the generation 1 globes
  • Over 50,000 hour lifespan
  • 70-80% reduced current draw
  • Note: Some vehicles use a CANBUS system to detect when a globe is blown or faulty. L.E.D. globes draw a fraction of the current of standard halogen and incandescent globes. This may cause some systems to think the globe is faulty, resulting in a warning light on the dash or the lights flickering or pulsing. Please install the correct CANBUS module (sold separately) to eliminate this problem.

Technical Information

ADRH9 / H10 / H11
OTHEREquivalent Halogen: 48076 / 48077 / 48078

Product Comprises of

1.2 x H8/H9/H11 L.E.D Headlight Globes
2.2 x 12/24V T10 wedge L.E.D park globes

Spare Parts