Narva ‘ALS’ range continues to expand with new Rangefinder/LED Light

Narva’s versatile ALS (Advanced Lighting Systems) range which includes rechargeable L.E.D inspection lamps, head torches, workshop lights and slim utility lights, has further grown with the launch of a new Rangefinder and L.E.D Light combination.

Suitable for a variety of trade applications or for the DIY enthusiast, the new rangefinder offers fast and easy measurement within a 0.5 to 60 metre range courtesy of its 650nm wavelength laser measurer, while the in-built torch provides 120m Lumens of crisp, white directional light. For added versatility, the rangefinder also features a high efficiency 250 Lumen COB L.E.D inspectional light that provides impressive scene lighting.

Contributing to the unit’s user-friendliness is a ‘Smart Measure Button’ and for greater flexibility the data display options can be provided in either British Imperial or Metric measurement. The user also has the ability to measure from either the top or bottom of the device.

Additionally, the rangefinder boasts a compact, slimline design that makes it both easy to carry and simple to manoeuvre and position in tight nooks and crannies on the work site.

To ensure long hour performance, the unit’s in-built Lithium battery allows for up to 2.5 hours’ operating time at peak output or 4 hours’ use at low output, while the powerful torch function requires recharging after 2.5 hours via the included USB cable.

Narva’s new ALS Rechargeable Rangefinder and L.E.D light is covered by a 2-year warranty and available from leading trade outlets Australia-wide at approximately $279 incl. GST.