New ALS Under-Bonnet lamps from Narva

Narva continues to expand its Advanced Lighting Solutions (ALS) range of workshop lighting to ensure a premium work light for every job or application.

The technologically innovative Narva ALS range has now grown to include two exciting new L.E.D under bonnet / scene lights, offering users a pair of feature-packed alternatives to Narva’s already popular and proven See Ezy rechargeable L.E.D under bonnet lamps (71230 & 71228) that has had huge success with many workshops and racing teams.

The two new lamps boast a powerful, adjustable light output supported by a lightweight, sturdy construction and a multitude of accessories, providing seamless, hands-free lighting for an entire engine bay. With selectable output/brightness, users can choose from 2 to 4 hours operating time with a 3-4 hour charging time. Both units offer 1.2 to 2 metre adjustable lengths designed to fit most bonnets, with detachable brackets for easy mounting and storage.

Aside from Narva’s precision build quality, where the ALS under bonnet lamps will truly stand out is their inclusion of some advanced features. The 1000 lumen 71430 features a detachable light head and battery, as well as a 2-in-1 charge base that doubles as a powerful flood (800lm) and spot (400lm) torch. An optional UV torch charge base (71484) provides a powerful UV output ideal for leak detection. Meanwhile, the more powerful 2000 lumen 71432 can operate by battery or via its included 5 metre 240V AC cable so workshop users are never left without light.

“The new Narva ALS under bonnet lamps aren’t just made for the workshop,” said Jake Smith, Narva Marketing Manager. “These lamps also function well as scene lights and are lightweight enough to be used on awnings or roof racks for camping and leisure. They also produce a high CRI index, meaning the lamps are ideal for checking paint for imperfections and scratches,” he said.

Optional extras include two heavy duty tripods (with or without wheels), multi-functional fasteners, spare chargers and batteries, and the UV charge base and torch for 71430. Narva’s new ALS under bonnet lamps and the rest of its premium ALS range of workshop lighting are available from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia.