Bright and functional new L.E.D Awning Lamps from Narva

Narva’s new range of L.E.D Awning Lamps bring comfort and convenience to life on the road once the sun goes down and now there are four new models to choose from, providing additional options for users.

Whilst Narva’s existing range of L.E.D Awning Lamps are oval-shaped, the new additions are longer and narrower, making them more suitable for fitment to some areas where the originals perhaps didn’t easily fit.

The new L.E.D Awnping Lam range begins with the 87792 model which also combines a PIR (Passive Infra-Red) motion sensor. At its widest points, this 12V lamp measures 365mm x 49mm and features a sleek and contemporary design suitable for modern vans, caravans and motorhome exteriors. Its fantastic light output comes courtesy of SMD L.E.Ds which deliver a powerful bright, white light (30 Lux at 2 metres).

Other benefits of the lamp include a low current draw of 0.5A at 12V, tough polycarbonate lens and an IP66 rating. This same model light is also available without the PIR sensor (Part No. 87790) and both are backed by a Narva 5 year L.E.D warranty.

For additional brightness, the 87794-12 variant uses 6 x 0.5W high powered L.E.Ds to develop 33 Lux at 2 metres while maintaining a low current draw (0.25A at 12V). With compact dimensions of 218mm x 44mm, this 12V model is also IP66-rated and an ideal choice for campers, for use as a utility lamp or even for emergency services and transport applications.

The 12-24V 87796 model, with its larger 332mm x 44mm dimensions, makes use of 12 x 0.5W high-powered L.E.Ds to develop a bright light output of 65 Lux at 2 metres but current draw remains low at 0.50A at 12V or 0.25A at 24V. This lamp is also IP66-rated and again is a stylish and practical addition to any motorhome, caravan or for transport and emergency services work.

At the top end of the new L.E.D awning lamp range in terms of size and output is the 12-24V 87798 lamp which offers 130 Lux of bright light at 2 metres courtesy of 24 x 0.5W high-powered L.E.Ds.

As with the other new additions to the range, this variant is durable and weatherproof to IP66 and with its generous output it is ideal for use as a coupling lamp for transport applications, for RV awnings or for emergency service work. This lamp’s dimensions are generous at 560mm x 44mm but current draw remains low at 1.0A at 12V and 0.5A at 24V.

Available from leading automotive and outlets transport nationwide Narva’s new range of L.E.D Awning Lamps ensures there’s a model for just about every application.



6 August 2018


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