Under Close Inspection, Narva’s L.E.D Lamp Range is a Winner

Narva has expanded its extensive range of bright, tough and versatile inspection lamps, designed to make any job around the workshop, garage, home or out on the road easier and more convenient.

All produce a bright white light output, feature tough construction and a no memory effect battery for added longevity and shelf life.

Recently upgraded, the Pocket Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light Part No. 71300 is compact enough to carry in the pocket, glovebox or toolkit yet provides a powerful spread of smooth and even light output, courtesy of its seven high intensity L.E.Ds.

This lamp features two light modes, flood illumination or a powerful 1W torch beam for direct illumination and provides four hours of continuous use in flood mode and five hours in torch mode.

Other benefits of the lamp includes a comfortable and hard-wearing rubberised housing and weatherproof switch, as well as a handy pocket clip with integrated magnet. The lamp is supplied with a 240V AC charger.

For users wanting extra light output but still requiring the mobility that a compact lamp delivers, Narva’s new High Powered Pocket Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Lamp Part No. 71301 will have them covered.

This lamp is designed to withstand the rigours of the mechanical workshop and also comes with a convenient 240V docking station to ensure it’s always charged and ready for use – it can also be charged via vehicle USB outlets and accessories.

The lamp makes use of eight powerful 0.5W SMD (Surface Mount Device) L.E.Ds to provide a super bright white light output, while charging from fully flat only takes 3.5 hours, and will operate for over five hours of continuous use.

Weather resistant to IP66, the High-Powered Pocket Rechargeable lamp features a tough, impact-resistant housing and smart features such as in-built magnet, concealed hanging hook and belt clip. The lamp can even be operated while attached to the belt clip.

The See Ezy Heavy-Duty / High Powered L.E.D Inspection Light Part No. 71330 is quite simply the toughest and brightest L.E.D inspection lamp on the market.

Using the latest SMD L.E.D technology, this heavy-duty lamp combines intense, wide angle light output with an extremely tough and durable design and a generous run time of four hours at high output or seven hours at low output.

The light produced is an amazing three times brighter than many competitor products and provides smooth fluorescent-like performance.

This ultimate workshop lamp also features an impact-resistant, non-slip rubber sleeve and shatterproof polycarbonate lens designed to thrive in tough workshop environments. This lamp is also weather-resistant to IP65.

Additionally for extra convenience the See Ezy Heavy Duty Lamp is equipped with an interchangeable magnet and belt clip as well as a concealed metal swivel hook. The model is supplied with a 240V docking station.

For superior light and versatility in the workshop, Narva’s See Ezy High-powered Rechargeable L.E.D Workshop Flood Light Part No. 71350 is hard to go past.

This portable, cord-free flood light uses powerful 20W ‘COB’ L.E.D cluster technology to produce an ultra-broad and crisp white light of 1800 Lumen output, making it ideal for a wide range of uses.

Built with performance and durability in mind, the rechargeable L.E.D light is constructed from a tough aluminium body and protective rubber frame, making it dust as well as water tight (IP65) and resistant to oil, chemicals and sudden impact. Yet despite its robust construction, it only tips the scales at 1.4kg.

The light also features a clever heavy-duty, adjustable nylon handle that can also act as a stand and offers a 180° range of movement. Included in the package is a 240V charger with 1.5m of cable.

For users wanting to use the L.E.D Flood Light at a taller height, an optional adjustable telescopic stand is also available at an additional cost. The stand allows the light to be set-up at a height of up to 1.8m.

Along with these popular models, Narva has many other rechargeable L.E.D inspection lights available in their extensive range. For further information visit www.narva.com.au or see your local automotive retailer.

About NARVA 

Narva is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries. Further information on the extensive Narva programme together with high resolution images for download can be found at www.autonews.net.au.

Additional details can be found by visiting the Narva website at www.narva.com.au.

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