Narva Emergency Light Range Expands with Clever New Additions

Narva’s popular ‘Legion’ emergency light range can be seen fitted to a wide range of emergency service and breakdown recovery vehicles around Australia however the addition of the new 1.7m (66”) L.E.D Legion Light Bars, further increases the appeal of these lights.

Available with amber (Part No. 85038A), amber clear lens (Part No. 85038AC), amber with an illuminated opal centre (Part No. 85040A) or amber clear lens with an illuminated opal centre (Part No. 85040AC), the new 12V light bars join existing 1.4, 1.2 and 0.9m variants, providing end users with additional choice to best suit the application.

Narva has also recently introduced an optional in-built speaker for the legion light bar range, increasing their versatility and saving the end-user the trouble of installing a separate speaker.

The 100W speaker features a low profile design and is mounted within the centre module of the light bar, producing a clear, crisp sound.

As with Narva’s existing L.E.D ‘Legion’ Light bars, the new additions are ‘Class 1-approved’ and feature a sleek and stylish design with a slim 57mm profile reducing the risk of the lights being hit on low overhangs particularly when fitted to trucks, vans or taller four wheel drive vehicles.

To ensure strong visibility and light performance, the new 85038A and 85038AC variants are each equipped with 18 high output L.E.D modules, while the 85040A and 85040AC models features 16 L.E.D modules.

All of Narva’s ‘Legion’ Light Bars are covered by a generous 5-year L.E.D warranty, feature robust construction and are sold inclusive of a mounting kit. Narva also offers a wide range of additional options for this product range including drill-free mounting kits, in-built ‘alley’ and ‘take down’ lights, switch panel controls and a heavy duty wiring harness that can accept additional models if the light bars are expanded at a later time.

For applications operating at 24V, Narva can also supply the light bars at this output and can accommodate additional customisation to suit buyer requirements, including provision of light bars with high-powered modules in a number of lengths with unique flash patterns.

The expanded range of Narva’s ‘Legion’ L.E.D Emergency Light Bars is available from select transport and automotive outlets throughout Australia. For customised options, speak to a Narva representative or call 1800 113 443.

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