Narva Grows Relay Range with Adjustable Timer and Reverse Pin Models

Narva offers a wide selection of relays for use across a range of applications where switching of high power is needed, such as auxiliary lighting, heating fans, wipers and air conditioning equipment.

Recently the range has been broadened to include new reverse pin variants and timer relays.

The new adjustable timer relays can be used to switch an accessory on or off via a ‘Delay on’ or ‘Delay off’ function at a predetermined time delay. The timing can be adjusted via the two selectors on top of the housing and can be set to anywhere between 0.5 seconds and 6 hours.

The timer relays, available to suit both 12V (Part no. 68076BL) and 24V (Part no. 68078BL) applications, have a maximum capacity of 10A and feature a standard relay base connection. The current draw whena the timer relay is active is approximately 0.035A and when inactive it’s about 0.005A.

The new reverse pin models include a ‘normally open 4-pin reverse pin’ (Part No. 68021BL) unit and a ‘change-over 5-pin reverse pin’ (Part No. 68057BL) variant.

The entire Narva relay range is manufactured to exacting original equipment standards under the control of ISO9001.

For added durability, the relays feature silver contacts and high temperature wire insulation, while a removable metal mounting tab allows for more convenient installation. All relays are rated to 500,000 cycles and are equipped with a braided power strap for increased reliability.

Narva relays are available in resistor or diode options to protect sensitive electronic equipment from voltage spikes. In the case of the resistor, this works by dampening a voltage spike while still allowing the current to flow, while the diode absorbs the power and stops the spike completely.

Narva’s extensive range of quality relays are available from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia.

About NARVA 

Narva is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries. Further information on the extensive Narva programme together with high resolution images for download can be found at

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