Sean Scott - 2020 in Review

2020 has certainly been an eventful year. We caught up with Narva Ambassador Sean Scott to see how the last 12 months unfolded for him and find out more about his life on (and off) the road as a travel and landscape photographer.


What impact did the arrival of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions have on you and your plans for the year?

I was fortunate enough to be based in Queensland and was still able to get out and about to exercise and work, and take photographs of my local beaches. I was also planning and building my new outback photography truck, The Dusty 79, so I had plenty to do. I also enjoyed my time at home with the family. Once Queensland got the green light and was good to go for State travel, I hit the road and did a 6-week long road trip all around Queensland.



Out of all of the places you visited this year, which one was your favourite?

It’s pretty hard to choose one place in particular, but some of my highlights from this year would have to be Magnetic island, Lawn hill, Thallon Silos, Girraween National Park and Cobbold Gorge.


We have been looking in awe at the pics of The Dusty 79, your new 79 Series Land Cruiser! How did the build go? And how is the new truck holding up so far?

It all went really good! Caleb and the boys at Pro Touring Concepts did an awesome Job. The new truck is epic! My favourite thing would have to be the new fridge which allows us to go remote for longer periods of time and not have to stress about food perishing as fast.



What Narva parts did you include in the build?

We included the Ultima Driving Spot Lights, Light Bars and Work Lights in the back canopy doors, which are epic when camping in remote areas!



What lighting products would you say are a must-have for anyone looking at building their own touring set-up?

A must have for everyone when building their own touring setup would have to be the Narva Driving Spot lights. They make a huge difference when driving at night, dawn and dusk especially in the remote areas of the Australian outback.



How do you find van life? Do you have any tips for off roading with a van?

I’ve been loving traveling with the New Lotus Caravan and it’s great having a mobile office to work out of on the road. My biggest tip would have to be to research the places you’re going to and the roads you’re traveling on. That way you will know how bad/rough certain roads are and if your caravan will be able to make it through.



What are the best things about living and working on the road?

The best thing about living on the road would have to be exploring new places.


What are the most challenging aspects of life on the road?

Probably the most challenging part of life on the road is being away from my family for such long periods of time. However, I try get my kids to come along on trips with me whenever they’re on school holidays. The Aussie heat can be tough to work in sometimes as well.



We love seeing the shots of your vehicle travelling across various landscapes from high up in the sky. When did you get into drone photography? What do you like about it?

I got into drone photography almost at the beginning of the whole DJI drone era. I just loved how they gave a new perspective on everything I was photographing, especially in the Australian Outback.



You clearly have a love of the ocean. What draws you to photographing waves and marine life?

I think that’s where it all started because I have lived pretty close to the beach a lot of my life and have grown up surfing.


A lot of people would look at your Instagram feed and dream of creating a lifestyle like that for themselves. What advice do you have for anyone looking to get into travel and off road photography?

If I had to give some advice to someone it would have to be to learn as much as possible about your craft. There is so much information on YouTube these days you can learn everything you need and its free!



If you had to settle down in one place, where would it be?

If I had to settle down in once place it would definitely have to be here in Burleigh Heads, Queensland.


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is nearly upon us. What will the Scott family be doing for Christmas this year?

We are not 100% sure where we will go just yet, but we are planning a fun road trip with the family.



What’s on the cards for 2021?

Now the borders are open across Australia I would love to get back over to WA and explore some more of that area.

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