Narva | 9-110V ‘Blue-Spot’ L.E.D Safety Light

9-110V ‘Blue-Spot’ L.E.D Safety Light

9-110V ‘Blue-Spot’ L.E.D Safety Light

Part No. 72702

Forklift Commercial Safety Lights are an innovative new product designed to warn pedestrians and other forklift drivers of an approaching vehicle. Two powerful 5 watt Cree® L.E.Ds deliver an intense blue spot that is 500mm in diameter and aimed to project 5 metres in front of the fork lift, offering additional warning to nearby vehicles or pedestrians. Ultra-compact in size, the light is fully sealed (IP66) with a pre-wired die-cast powder coated aluminium housing.

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  • Concentrated blue spot projection
  • Includes stainless steel mounting hardware
  • Current Draw: 0.4A at 12V, 0.2A at 24V

Technical Information

CURRENT DRAW0.4A at 12V, 0.2A at 24V
LEDs5W Cree L.E.Ds


Beam Pattern