Narva | ‘Pocket’ Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light
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‘Pocket’ Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light

‘Pocket’ Rechargeable L.E.D Inspection Light

Part No. 71300
Ideal for the home handyman & professional alike, this compact LED light fits into tradesmen & mechanic’s pockets for quick & convenient access & includes an integrated magnet for hands free use. Bright & durable, the rubber off/on switch also allows you to switch between two light modes – flood illumination with a wide & even spread of light, or a torch beam for direct illumination.
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The ‘Pocket’ Light utilises 7 high intensity L.E.Ds and delivers 4 hours of continuous use in flood mode, and 5 hours in torch mode.

Product Comprises of

1.4 hours of use at peak output (flood mode)
2.Lithium battery with no memory effect
3.240V AC charger supplied
4.Rubberised housing and weatherproof switch
5.Pocket clip with integrated magnet

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