Narva Ultima 215 L.E.D’s Survive Big Competition Crash

Nothing can test a product quite as well as real world conditions and for Narva’s new Ultima 215 L.E.D driving lamps, that test came in the competitive cauldron that was this year’s ‘Ironman 4x4 Adventure Challenge’ held in WA.

Fitted to the front of Team Narva / Scraptech’s Chev-powered GQ Patrol, driver Dave Cameron and son Simon, came unstuck on the second day of competition after tackling a sand dune. After climbing the crest too fast, the vehicle landed on its nose and subsequently rolled end over end.

Fortunately Dave and Simon walked away shaken but uninjured however the truck sustained significant damage, particularly to the front where the headlight assemblies, grille and other components were badly smashed.

The Narva Ultima 215s mounted to the truck’s bull bar survived the carnage virtually unscathed, only suffering bent mounts but remained operational.

“Other than a few scratches the lights themselves were fine and we managed to repair the car to pass safety check before continuing on without dropping a stage,” Dave said.

“With the headlights gone we used the Ultima 215 L.E.Ds and roof-mounted Narva L.E.D bar as the main lighting for the rest of the event without incident. It was a mentally and physically exhausting week though, trying to keep the car together and running competitively after the earlier incident,” commented Dave.

“The lighting worked a treat with the output from the Ultima 215 L.E.Ds quite fantastic. They provide strong white light and great penetration, and we found they were even better than the HID lamps that we used to run which were very good in their own right. The new Ultima 215 L.E.Ds were a worthy addition to our rig’s lighting,” said Dave.

Despite the setbacks, Team Narva / Scraptech was the only team to complete every stage in the event, eventually finishing with an overall second placing, only two points behind the winners.

With the 2017 Outback Challenge just around the corner, Dave and Simon are now focused on repairing the Patrol in time for this event.

“The car’s going to need a new front end and roll cage as well as a large list if smaller items, so we have a few late nights ahead in the workshop. At least the Narva lighting won’t need replacing,” Dave said.

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