New Narva Merchandising to Help Drive Sales

Narva has launched a range of new merchandising solutions, designed to assist retailers increase sales, while helping them to more efficiently utilise their available shop space.

The latest retail programs cover a wide variety of Narva product categories and offer high quality point of sale materials along with carefully-selected stock recommendations.

Developed to make a statement and capture the customer’s attention, the new merchandise components are modern and eye-catching while also designed to enhance the customer’s retail experience. The products in each bay are clearly marked and easily identifiable while allowing the retailer to provide targeted offerings of the most popular Narva products.

For maximum impact, each retail program comes with a full merchandising kit designed to fit existing gondolas, both 900mm and larger 1200mm.

Among the components included in the kit is an illuminated and interchangeable header frame which draws attention to the product category while also highlighting the products beneath. The backlit header frame offers fully-adjustable mounting options allowing for positioning above or within the gondola itself.

To help divide the gondolas and separate the various programs, the kit also includes a high quality category wing made from acrylic to eliminate warping. Interchangeable artwork signage for the bay wing is another inclusion of the merchandising kit.

For additional aesthetics at the base of the gondolas, a new durable PVC shelf mat along with magnets is provided in each kit.

One of the most exciting features of Narva’s new merchandising initiative is an interactive globe application guide that assists the customer to select the correct product for their vehicle and application.

Using a 10 inch display with reliable Android operating platform, the constant-display tablet does not require internet connection for operation but will self-update once connected to wifi.

The tablet sits in an adjustable cradle that is fixed to the gondola and provides easy access for customers, presenting them with the features and benefits of the entire globe range including standard incandescent, premium long life, performance incandescent and performance L.E.D globes.

For a more efficient set-up, each program includes stock plus the merchandising kit itself, and programs can even be customised to suit the store. For further information and a comprehensive list of all retail programs available, contact your Narva representative.


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