What is 'Marine Grade'?


Narva have a long history of providing electrical and lighting equipment for both on and off-road applications. Let’s take a look at the Narva range of marine products, and what sets them apart from our more traditional on-road products.

Heading up the list of Narva marine products is the extensive range of marine-specific lighting. Narva offers lightbars, navigational lights, transom lights & interior lamps. Waterways over a unique set of conditions for lighting, with both durability and performance of equal importance.

Narva’s navigational lights have been manufactured to comply with various marine safety standards, such as light distance, colour (port & starboard) and temperature. Port & starboard navigational lights are essential for all boats on the water when navigating in darkness.

Also of importance when navigating at night is a powerful light bar. Narva’s marine light bars comply with waterproof standards such as IP68 &IP69, meaning they are fully sealed and submersible. This is the perfect application for offshore and fishing boats, which are likely to encounter particularly hostile conditions when out on the water.

All of Narva’s marine components feature stainless steel mounting brackets where appropriate to ensure rust is kept at bay, and the bracket’s structural integrity is maintained.

Narva also offers a range of single and double core marine specific cabling. These cables are manufactured using oxygen free copper and RoHS compliant polyvinyl chloride and can withstand the most arduous of marine conditions.

If you’re looking to deck out your new boat with quality equipment that can withstand the elements, Narva has exactly what you’re after. Visit our Marine section on the website for more info.