LED Headlight Conversion Kits

The Narva range of L.E.D conversion kits brings the concept of performance globes into the modern world. With a wide range of globe types ensuring most vehicles are covered, Narva L.E.D performance globes provide the best of both worlds increasing light output and colour.

Narva L.E.D globes offer many advantages including the ability to replicate the beam pattern of traditional halogen globes. This ensures that oncoming traffic is not negatively affected by the light. A popular feature of Narva L.E.D globes is their significantly longer service life than halogens. Often the lifespan of over 50,000 hours will outlive the car itself, making replacements a likely thing of the past for most users.

Narva’s L.E.D globes can boast such a long lifespan because of their 70-80% reduced current draw when compared to equivalent halogens. The downside of this drastically reduced current draw is that some vehicles’ CANBUS systems, which are supposed tell you when a globe is blown or faulty, may think that the L.E.D unit is also faulty when it is in fact operating normally. For vehicles affected by this, Narva offers an optional CANBUS module that will allow you to run L.E.D globes without your dash lighting up with warnings like a Christmas tree.

The performance of L.E.D headlights are truly without competition from their halogen counterparts, allowing you to see further up the road, with a crisper, whiter light. The aesthetics of the upgrade create a more modern look for the front of your vehicle too. As with most brands of L.E.D headlight conversion, Narva L.E.D headlight kits are not ADR approved and therefore recommended for off-road or competition use only.

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