Zeikel Fishing Choose Narva Marine

Zeikel Fishing have just taken ownership of a cracking new fishing boat and have turned to the Narva Marine range for all of their lighting needs. From bow to stern this Stabicraft 1450 looks the part with light bars, L.E.D Strip Lighting and navigational lights all making sure the Zeikel Fishing rig stands out from the crowd.



Starting from the front of the boat, Billy Dee-Zeikel from Zeikel Fishing, installed a 22” Navigata L.E.D Marine Double Row Light Bar that pumps out an impressive 18,000 lumens! The huge burst of light is perfect for navigating tight areas at night and finding your way back to the boat ramp at the end of a long day on the water. It is especially handy when trying to load the boat back on to the trailer, clearly lighting up the guards to ensure you are loading the boat on straight!



Interior lighting is taken car of via a series of L.E.D Strip lamps. While not too bright, these strips act as fantastic ambiance lighting while also lighting up key areas of the interior such are the open bow, steps and seating in the rear. The strips are mounted under the interior gunnel, and when not turned on are completely hidden from sight.



Out the back of the boat, mounted on the transom are blue illuminating Narva underwater lights. These lights up the propeller and motor shaft, and not only do they look great, they will also allow you to inspect should any unwanted snags find themselves wrapped around the propeller.



From a navigation point of view, the Zeikel Fishing rig has been fitted out with all the navigational lights to ensure its legality when out on the water at night-time. Narva Port and Starboard, Anchor and Stern lights have been fitted. All connections and switches used in the fit out are also from Narva.



To find out more about this great fit out, take a look at the video that the team at Zeikel Fishing produced below, which runs through each of the Narva components installed and briefly discussed their benefits!