Night Driving Tips

Whether it’s a holiday or a long weekend, many of us take to the roads for a bit of a break to that favourite camping ground, beach or fishing spot. 

Some of the driving to get to your destination may occur at night, on country or rural roads – these roads are normally unlit and dark, and require extra care when driving. With this in mind here are a few tips to make sure you have a safe and pleasant night drive.

The Top 10

  1. First thing’s first
    Any road trip should be preceded with a vehicle inspection – checking all lights should form a part of this check.
  2. Keep it clean
    Ensure your windscreen and all mirrors are clean. Dirty mirrors can cause glare and diffuse the shape of vehicles travelling behind you.
  3. Carry spare globes
    Globes should form a part of your vehicle’s spare parts list, they’re relatively inexpensive and you’ll be thankful you have them handy if you ever need to use a spare.
  4. Adjust your rear view mirror
    This will help reduce the headlights from those behind you creating glare through your mirror.
  5. Don’t stare directly at oncoming lights
    Other vehicles’ lights, especially high beams, can momentarily affect your vision leaving you temporarily blinded.
  6. Dim your dash panel lights
    If your instrument cluster lights are too bright they can distract from the road ahead and reduce your outward visibility.
  7. Take breaks
    Driving at night requires a lot more concentration which can be draining.  To limit fatigue, take regular breaks to let your eyes recover.
  8. Keep your eyes moving
    Scanning your eyes around your field of vision rather than focusing on one area will help reduce fatigue.
  9. If foggy don’t use high beams
    High beams can reflect off the fog and actually reduce your visibility. Drivers who regularly travel in foggy areas are well advised to invest in a set of fog lamps.
  10. Add auxiliary lighting
    Every vehicle can benefit from additional or upgraded lighting.  Depending on your requirements, your vehicle can be improved by fitment of more lights or perhaps a globe or headlamp wiring upgrade.

From everyone at Narva - stay safe on the roads.