Replacement Incandescent Globes - No Problem With Narva

Leading automotive lighting and electrical company, Narva, is known for its innovation and cutting edge products, but it’s also showing it can improve more traditional componentry such as the humble incandescent globe.

While the trend in newer vehicles is for OEMs to use L.E.D globes, for owners of older vehicles, retrofitting L.E.D globes isn’t practical as it’s not a simple process of replacing the incandescent globe with an L.E.D equivalent.

And of course those fortunate enough to own vintage or classic cars, bikes or trucks are unlikely to want to go down the L.E.D path anyway, so they can maintain the originality and integrity of their prized ride.

Fortunately when it comes to replacement incandescent globes, there’s a high quality choice available.

Narva’s ’43 Series’ range of incandescent globes leads the industry in providing users with the widest selection of globes, which deliver superior quality, value and reliability compared to standard globes.  And where there is an ‘ECE’ standard applicable, the range complies, with packaging carrying the ‘E’ mark.

For owners wanting even greater performance from their incandescent globes, there’s Narva’s ’17 Series’ premium range which is easy identifiable by a red ‘Premium’ band on the packaging.

The majority of the premium range provide longer life by using a special reinforced filament and argon filler gas.  The globes’ silver ‘getter’ also assists to remove the impurities in the globes, resulting in a life expectancy near double that of standard globe.

This range also carries the ‘E’ mark and meets all the requirements of ADR 51.

Narva’s range of incandescent globes are available in 12 and 24V for a broad selection of applications including stop/tail and indicator, interior/park, instrument/licence plate, festoon and wedge.  The range is available from Burson stores.