Surefit LED Globes

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A DIY upgrade for passenger vehicles and motorbikes.

Similar in shape and size to standard halogen globes, Surefit LED Globes are a true fit and forget headlamp upgrade. Thanks to their compact size and integrated IP65 cooling fan, these globes are a plug and play retrofit in most standard headlamp housings. They’re available in four popular sizes including a specific ‘projector’ headlamp option. Surefit LED globes feature precise beam control with a halogen-like low beam cut off, but are not ADR approved and are for off road use only.

Narva Surefit LED headlight globe range


A car shines bright white light onto road from its headlights

Precision Beam Control

Unlike other L.E.D globes, Narva’s range feature a halogenlike low beam cut off projection. Oncoming road users won’t be dazzled by stray light.

A Surefit LED globe submerged in a glass of water

Quality construction & IP65 rated

Featuring an IP65 rated cooling fan, Surefit Globes are dust tight and won’t be harmed by rain or water sprayed directly on them.

A motorcycle on a road

Suitable for motorcycles

A comparable size to standard halogen globes, they’ll fit in most compact motorcycle headlamp housings.

A close up of a projector style headlight on a white car

H7 Projector option available

Projector style headlights work much differently to a standard headlamp. The Surefit H7 Projector L.E.D Globe has been manufactured with precision engineering to achieve a maximum output with minimal waste.