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Narva’s market leading performance halogen globes offer a comprehensive range to improve the customer driving experience with globes suited to any application. Whether you are after longer life, heavy duty, more light or whiter light the Narva range provides a range of options.

Every globe in the Narva performance halogen globe range is ADR approved so you can upgrade with confidence. All these globes are suitable for direct replacement and for use in modern vehicles with polycarbonate lenses. There is also no change in power consumption or heat ensuring they work perfectly as a direct replacement without the need for upgraded wiring.

It is important that the correct performance type is matched to the customer needs. To help with this the range is broken up into three categories each with a different characteristic to suit every customer’s needs:

Performance Globe Range

With up to 4 times the life of a standard globe these globes provide durability through technology and increased precision in the manufacturing process. These globes are also ideal for vehicles that run a higher voltage to protect against premature failures.

With a revolutionary filament design, 24V Plus 100 delivers 100% more life and 100% more light volume.
*100% more light compared to a conventional globe

A practical street legal upgrade that improves safety by increasing the light volume 100% without significantly reducing globe life.
*100% more light compared to a standard globe

The most powerful globe available with an extreme light output of 150% more light on the road.
*150% more light compared to a standard globe

A powerful globe that incorporates whiter light, with up to 130% more light on the road and up to 20% whiter light. The Platinum Plus 130 not only increases driver vision but also vehicle visibility while providing a premium platinum look.
*130% more light compared to a standard globe

Developed to combine the benefits of 110% more light with a 20% whiter light output, delivering superior performance and reducing driver eye fatigue.
*110% more light compared to a standard globe

Increases light quality with a distinct white headlamp performance and with 50% more light volume.
*50% more light compared to a standard globe

Produces a bright white light output and brilliant steel blue appearance plus 30% more light volume.
*30% more light compared to a standard globe

The Sapphire Plus 50 provides a light output of up to 5000°K. When other road users look at a headlamp with Sapphire Plus 50 globes installed, the appearance is an eye catching sapphire blue colour providing a truly premium look and increasing the visibility of the car. From the drivers seat the light appears much whiter and with 50% more light on the road makes driving at night easier.
* 50% more light compared to a standard globe
* Light measured in the beam pattern, results vary with headlight type
* The Sapphire Plus 50 works best with projector style headlights and is ADR approved