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NARVA PRESS RELEASES are up to the minute releases of the latest information about NARVA products, industry developments and information that we think is important for our customers to keep informed about. Click on the links below to find out more information.
22 May 2018

‘Shine a Light on Road Safety’ Campaign Reaches New Heights

The national ‘Shine a Light on Road Safety’ campaign supported by Australia’s leading automotive lighting company Narva, reached millions of motorists and highlighted once again that more must be done to reduce the loss of life and road trauma on our roads.


15 May 2018

Narva Sets New Benchmark with ‘Plus150’ Performance Globes

Narva continues to lead the way in the development of performance headlight globes, following the release of the new ‘Plus 150’, which offers a remarkable 150 per cent more light volume compared to a standard globe.


6 April 2018

Narva Again Plays a Key Role in the 
‘Shine a Light Road Safety’

Australia’s leading automotive lighting company, NARVA, will once again play an important role in the ‘Shine a Light on Road Safety’ campaign for 2018.



19 March 2018

Experts Praise Narva’s Ultima 215 L.E.D Driving Lamps

It may be less than a year since Narva introduced its new Ultima 215 L.E.D driving lamps in Australia, but they’ve already been widely adopted by a great many off road enthusiasts and commercial vehicle owners, and have drawn huge praise from industry experts.


11 December 2017

New Narva ‘Explora’ L.E.D Light Bar Delivers 30% More Light

Narva’s new compact ‘Explora’ L.E.D Driving Light Bar (P/No. 72272) with ‘Advanced Optic Drive Technology’ delivers a 30 per cent brighter light output than a conventional L.E.D light bar*, producing an impressive 2400 Lumens and 1 Lux of light at 269 metres.


24 October 2017

Narva Expands Popular Aeromax Range of Emergency Vehicle Lighting

Narva has expanded its popular range of Aeromax L.E.D mini light boxes to include new red and blue variants specifically designed for emergency vehicles. The super-compact light boxes offer a low-profile, modern-styled solution to emergency lighting and can be used on their own or in synchronised pairs (flange mount only) as a mini light bar setup.


24 January 2018

Narva Launch Tough New High Powered 4X4 L.E.D Work Lamps

Narva has launched a new range of tough, high-powered, L.E.D 4x4 work lamps, geared towards owners who spend extended periods off road in recreational and competition four wheel driving, as well as in camping and RV applications.


26 March 2018

New ‘Mini’ Grows Narva L.E.D Flood Light Range

Narva has added to its popular High-Powered Flood Light range with the release of the ‘SeeEzy’ Rechargeable Mini L.E.D Workshop Flood Light, a versatile light suitable for use in the garage, workshop, home or for caravanning and camping.


23 October 2017

Team Narva takes second place in gruelling 2017 Outback Challenge

The Team Narva GQ Patrol, piloted by Shayne Barkley and navigator, wife Alison, has taken position two in the 2017 Outback Challenge, following a week of tough competition in Broken Hill and surrounding region.


13 November 2017

New Narva Merchandising to Help Drive Sales

Narva has launched a range of new merchandising solutions, designed to assist retailers increase sales, while helping them to more efficiently utilise their available shop space.


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