Narva | Compac 80 Oval Driving Lamp Kit
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Compac 80 Oval Driving Lamp Kit

Compac 80 Oval Driving Lamp Kit

Part No. 71830
12 Volt 55W 80mm diameter Compac 80 is manufactured to the European ‘E’ specification and is ADR approved. An 80mm wide oval lamp utilising free form reflector technology the Compac 80 maximises focuses and controls light output. Reversible bracket mounts forward or can be recessed.
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Technical Information

ADR46/00 25151


Beam Pattern

Product Comprises of

1.2 x driving lamps (P/No. 71825)
2.2 x fitted 12V H3 55W globes (P/No. 48321)
3.1 x relay (P/No. 72386)
4.1 x toggle switch (P/No. 60044)
5.1 x terminal and wiring pack
6.1 x mounting hardware

Spare Parts