Narva | H8/9/11 Resistor Modules (pair)

H8/9/11 Resistor Modules (pair)

H8/9/11 Resistor Modules (pair)

Part No. 18171
After fitting Ultima L.E.D Performance Globes, some users may discover a globe warning light appears on their dash due to the different current draws when using L.E.D globes in place of halogen. Narva's new load resistors, which are available to suit H1, HB3/4, H4, H7, and H8/9/11 globe types, are a plug and play solution that fit easily between the L.E.D performance globes and the vehicle’s wiring harness plug, and should resolve the issue of a warning light appearing.
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  • Simple plug and play solution to eliminate globe warning lights when using Ultima L.E.D Performance Globes
  • Available to suit most globe types
  • Add to Narva's existing range of CANBUS modules

Technical Information


Product Comprises of

1.1 x H8/9/11 Resistor Modules (pair)