How to Install an Explora 14" L.E.D Light Bar Bracket

Not everyone will have a 4WD with a bullbar to mount driving lights to. But that doesn't mean your standard road vehicle doesn't deserve more light. Our Explora 14" L.E.D light bar can be fitted to any road vehicle using our licence plate bracket to give drivers more light when they need it most.

Narva's new Explora ultra slimline L.E.D driving light bar features 'Advanced Optic Drive Technology'. The light output from the 12 x 5W high powered L.E.D's is captured and focused to produce a more penetrating light output down the road. The result is a 30% brighter light output than a conventional L.E.D driving light bar, eliminating wasted light output and focusing the light where you need it most.

For some handy tips on how to install your new Explora LED Light Bar, check out the video below.

For a step-by-step guide on how to install your wiring look for forward lighting, refer to our video: How to Install Ultima 225 LED Driving Lights.



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