Transport work lamps help lighten the load

Transport is a 24 hour, 7 day a week occupation. The wheels of the transport industry turn around the clock whether it be inter-capital line haul freight, relocation of construction equipment or final mile parcel delivery.

Trailers are swapped in the middle of the night on busy freight routes and produce is delivered to markets in the early hours of the morning. Garbage trucks prowl dark suburban streets while livestock is unloaded at country sale yards rain, hail or shine.

The value of being able to see what you are doing at all times clearly and safely is vitally important for both the driver and the people around them. A truck driver hooking up a trailer needs to know what is going on around them and not being able to see what is going on behind the cab can result in a bad trailer hook up, dropped trailers and thousands of dollars worth of downtime, damage and recovery.

A forklift driver needs to be able to see where they are going and what they’re lifting. A small mistake can result in damaged freight, damaged equipment or even worse a personal injury. Not all freight movements take place inside brightly lit warehouses.

The right work lights in the right locations play an important part in keeping both people and equipment safe.

Some prime movers are fitted with work lights from the factory. With time and weather these lights can become loose on their mounts and eventually fail. Work lights fitted behind a prime mover cab help a driver see air lines and electrical fittings as well as turntable location when hooking up trailers. Next to the headlights, taillights and indicators this is one of the most important lights on a prime mover.

However, take one of the most popular trailer combinations on Australian highways, the B-double or even a road train in the back of beyond. While a work lamp on the back of a prime mover cab is valuable when hooking up the front trailer what happens when two of more trailers need to be hooked up? Some combinations measure 53-metres long or more. And that’s where work lamps mounted on the prime mover’s mirror brackets, such as Narva’s new side mirror L.E.D load light, become vitally important.

These lamps provide a penetrating  beam of light down both sides of the truck and trailers and help immeasurably when connecting multi trailer combinations. These lights also help in a number of other areas such as when a combination is reversing into a tight area in low light. They also help light the area beside the truck to provide safe and easy unloading in the dark.

With these lights, truck and trailer curtains can be opened safely and easily in the dark and forklift drivers also get a clear view of the area around the truck and the freight loaded on it. It goes without saying that well-placed work lamps are an invaluable addition to any truck in any application. 

Seeing behind you makes the way forward much easier.