Part No./Description


Extra Heavy-Duty 7 Core, 4.6m long, 4 x 5mm (3mm2), 2 x 6mm (5mm2) & 1 x 8WG (8mm2) cores, 1 short tail and 1 long tail with fitted plugs

A heavy-duty green jacket is impervious to most chemicals and abrasion. It has extraordinary coil memory and extends to 4.6 metres (15ft) with 4 cores of 3mm2, 2 of 5mm2 and one earth/ground core of 8mm2.

One 250mm short tail and a 1 metre long tail are fitted (internally crimped) with heavy-duty plugs and cable guard P/No. 82194.

An extra heavy-duty 8mm2 earth/ground wire means these coils can only be used with the heavy-duty SAE plugs and sockets to take full advantage of the increased current carrying capacity.