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105 Piece Dual Wall Heatshrink Tubing Assortment

Contains 105 pieces of dual wall heatshrink tubing pre-cut to convenient lengths for ease of use. Manufactured from flame-retardant/self-extinguishing cross linked polyolefin. Lined with an inner adhesive, providing excellent weather resistance and adhesion to cable
Operating temperature -55C to +85C
Shrink Ratio 3:1

45mm Lengths
28 x 3.2mm Black 8 x 4.8mm Red 6 x 9.5mm Black
12 x 3.2mm Red 7 x 6.4mm Red 3 x 9.5mm Black
16 x 4.8mm Black 4 x 6.4mm Black
75mm Lengths
5 x 12.7mm Black 3 x 19.1mm Black 4 x 25.4mm Black
3 x 12.7mm Red 2 x 19.1mm Red 4 x 25.4mm Red