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29 March 2017

Narva Headlamp Housings Meet and Exceed Original Equipment Standards

When it comes to headlamps, the main concern for vehicle users is quality light but what many operators don’t consider in the overall performance of a headlamp is what lies behind the lens, globes and reflectors.

Headlamp housings and buckets are vital to the integrity of the overall headlamp, ensuring secure fitment to the vehicle, superior beam alignment and protection to more vulnerable areas at the rear of the headlamps.

Narva offers a complete range of replacement open and closed back headlamp housings and buckets to suit all universal sealed and semi sealed headlamps. All housings meet original equipment quality standards as a minimum but in most cases, the Narva replacement offers far superior performance to the original product.

Recently added to the range is a closed back, 7 inch (178mm) steel bucket for truck and bus manufacturers, featuring heavy duty powder coated construction that is suitable for use with Halogen headlamps and a wide range of popular L.E.D headlamps.

This bucket also benefits from pre-wired connectors for easier fitment and includes a corrosion-resistant stainless steel retaining ring and a stylish polished chrome trim to complement modern vehicles – it’s a direct fit for existing 7 inch closed buckets without needing modification and an ideal match for Narva’s 7 inch L.E.D Truck-Lite head lamp.

A new open back variant of this housing is also available without the chrome trim while another new addition to the line-up is an open back 5³/₄ inch (146mm) bucket providing the same benefits as the larger variant.

These new models join an existing 7 inch closed back, plastic headlamp bucket, for applications that might not require full steel construction.

Narva has also released new open back, left and right hand 165 x 100mm twin headlamp housing to suit vehicles with these headlamp styles.

These housings again feature powder coated steel enclosures, stainless steel retaining hardware and adjustable screws for easy beam adjustment.

Another two existing rectangular open back headlamp housings with dimensions of 165 x 100mm and 200 x 142mm complete the Narva range, ensuring there’s a high quality Narva headlamp housing to suit a wide array of vehicles.

Narva’s headlamp housings are available from all leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia.

Narva is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries. Further information on the extensive Narva programme together with high resolution images for download can be found at

Additional details can be found by visiting the Narva website at or on Facebook at

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