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3 April 2017

High Light Output and Sleek Styling, Hallmarks of Model 56 Lights

Narva has released an all-new range of L.E.D truck and trailer lights – the ‘Model 56’ – combining the superior light output of quality L.E.Ds and a sleek, stylish appearance.

The circular lamps are available in two sizes – the smaller 125mm diameter models are ideal for use in caravans, campers and motorhomes, while the larger 155mm variants are well suited for buses or truck trailers.

These 9-33 Volt lamps benefit from a low current draw and can be purchased in a number of combinations depending on the user’s requirements and application.

All feature a clear internal optic that provides the lamps’ main function and a uniform appearance when inactive – this is encapsulated by a circular tail light band that provides a bright neon red ring when the brakes are applied.

The tail light ring’s striking brightness can be attributed to special L.E.D pipe technology normally associated with high end European cars, while functionality is also ensured thanks to Narva’s tough acrylic lenses.

Designed to be used in tandem, the lamps are available in rear directional indicator lamp (amber) / tail ring (red); rear stop lamp (red) / tail ring (red); reverse (white) / tail ring (red) and rear stop (red) / directional indicator lamp (amber) / tail ring (red).

For added flexibility, the larger 155mm lamps also have a clever sequential indicator option where the rear indicator flashes sequentially across the lamp’s optics from right to left and left to right, providing a very clear intent for the following drivers.

Visually the package is finished with a contoured chrome cover to even further lift appearance.

All lamps are supplied with a hard-wired sheathed cable, mounting screws and an integrated on the surface of the mounting base for easy fitment.

Narva’s new Model 56 L.E.D lamps, available from leading automotive and transport outlets Australia-wide, are ADR-approved and are covered by a generous 5 year Narva L.E.D warranty.

Narva is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries. Further information on the extensive Narva programme together with high resolution images for download can be found at

Additional details can be found by visiting the Narva website at or on Facebook at

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